Holistic Pet Food

Holistic Pet Food

Homemade Pet Food

With all of the recent recalls of commercially available pet foods, I have been inspired to begin sharing recipes for homemade pet foods. The FDA allows many harmful substances on their “safe list”. Many pets have died due to some of these items. My own grandparent’s fed their livestock and pets with cooking and table scraps, their pets or animals never had problems.

Introducing a new diet to a pet used to commercially prepared foods will be difficult in the beginning for some. Gradually start off with small portions of the homemade diet mixed in with their current food. Slowly increase the portions until your pet is eating 100% of their new diet. Some pets will make the switch immediately and others will take time.

You can save all of your vegetable (no onions or garlic or peppers) and meat scraps from food preparation and freeze them until you have enough to simmer down into a rich broth that you can feed directly to your pets or use in your new homemade recipes.

Any tablescraps that are not heavily spiced or salted can be shared with your pets. My cats love to lick the yoghurt from my bowl, they also love corn, peas, fish skins, chicken skins and chicken wing tips. They will eat baby field greens as they are straight from the bag. Leftover scrambled egg bits are a favorite treat for my cats as well. I have a friend whose dog loves carrots, apples and baked potato skins.

Please return often as I will begin archiving recipes here.

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